Salman Contests All Charges Against Him In SC Affidavit


New Delhi: Details from Salman Khan’s 83-page affidavit filed in the Supreme Court with regard to his 2002 hit-and-run case were accessed by media houses on Wednesday. Their reports reveal that Salman has contested all the charges against him, and further, accused the state of tampering with evidence to incriminate him.

The superstar’s affidavit raises some very specific points, including:

  1. The timing of the FIR recording, which he says is “suspect”

  1. A clear assertion of innocence — “I was not driving the car,” Salman has stated.

  1. A question on why a material witness in the case — actor-singer Kamaal Khan, who was in the car with Salman at the tiem fo the alleged accident — was not examined. “Why was Kamaal Khan not examined?” asks Salman in his statement.

4.”(There is) no proof I consumed alcohol,” says Salman in his affidavit. In fact, he goes on to add that the state has no witnesses to back up their claim that he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident.

  1. That the statements of the injured were coached by the prosecution. Specifically, Salman’s affidavit says: “The injured were tutored by the prosecution”.

  1. The actor says he has been “falsely implicated” and that the prosecution “tampered with the documentation” all with the intent to “incriminate me”.

The actor was acquitted in December 2015 by the Bombay High Court of all charges in the 2002 hit-and-run case, in which he had been accused of driving over five pavement dwellers, while in an inebriated state. In doing so, it overturned a trial court’s ruling in May 2015 that had found Salman guilty.

However, the Maharashtra government moved the Supreme Court against the High Court’s verdict in January this year. Salman’s affidavit in the Supreme Court has been filed in response to the same.