Salesmen, LIC Agents Scared After Naktala-Domjur Incidents

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Kolkata: The profession of salesman or LIC agents is in doubts after the
incident of a housewife giving poison to two salesmen and the killing of Bandhan bank employee came to the fore.

A salesman, quite in fear after the incident, said, “I am thinking of changing my
profession. Or else, will have to work in-house. I am scared, The company will send
me, but I do not know how will the people be. Whatever happens, we will have to
tackle if we face any problem. No one is there to look after us if anything

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Bandhan Bank chairperson Chandrasekhar Ghosh said, “I am shocked. I never thought
such a cruel incident can happen. I am not aware if any solution is there to
provide safety to the workers.” He also said, “The problem can be solved through
digitisation. But it is difficult to say that how much tech savvy will the
villagers be.”

One out of two salesmen fell seriously ill after they were allegedly given poison
instead of the money that they had gone to collect. Madhumanti Saha, resident of
New Alipore’s E-block, had purchased chimney from the selling organisation on July
27. The bank had returned the cheque which Madhumanti had used to pay the bill
amounting to 40 thousand. The organisation had informed this to Madhumanti. Hearing
thism she agreed to pay the entire money in cash.

Following this, employees of the company Amit Chakraborty and Somnath Mondal went
to Madhumanti’s house to collect the money. She has been accused of making both of
them sit for a long time in the name of giving money. Then she offered them cold
drinks, drinking which Amit allegedly fell unconscious.

Seeing this condition of his colleague, Somnath took out his phone to inform his
office. But on seeing Somnath taking out his phone, Madhumanti allegedly led her
pet dogs to him and snatched away his phone.

After narrowly escaping from death, Somnath came out somehow and directly went to
the New Alipore police station. From the police station, he informed his office of
the entire incident.

With the help of the New Alipore police, he rescued his friend who was still
unconscious. He was admitted to the hospital under serious condition.

A complaint was also filed by the chimney selling company, based on which
Madhumanti Saha was arrested. The police are investigating the case.

In the second horrifying case, a bank employee of Bandhan bank went to collect
money from Howrah’s Domjur. He was killed and his body mutilated and thrown at
roadside. The murderer was arrested later on.

Reporting By: Souptik Banerjee

Edited By: Saheli Dey