Salary of tea garden employees stolen from vault


Saurav Dev

Jalpaiguri: Two lakh rupees were stolen from the vault of the office of Elenbari tea garden in Jalpaiguri. According to the garden authorities, salary amounting to rupees seven lakh was received on Friday for the 550 employees of the tea garden which was kept in two separate vaults. In one vault five lakh rupees were kept while rupees two lakh was kept at a small vault in the office.

On Saturday morning it was found that the small vault was broken and two lakh rupees were stolen. Hanna Ram Chowdhury, the manager of the tea garden said that the thieves were unable to break the larger vault.

He said, “We are unable to distribute the salaries of the workers today. We have lodged a complaint with Malbazar police station.”

Disgust has spread among the workers over the issue. Police have started an investigation into the incident.

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