‘Saiyaan’ Creates Buzz Among ‘Abhimaan’ Fans


Kolkata: ‘Saiyaan’, a song from the upcoming puja movie ‘Abhimaan’ was released on Sunday.

Fans would see their favourite Tollywood on-screen couple Jeet and Subhashree in this much awaited puja release. Renowned actress Sayantika is also reportedly playing a leading role in this Raj Chakrabarty’s movie.

But the film cast is silent on the script and plot of the movie. This might be a strategy to rouse the interest of the fans as the director is likely to let out bits and pieces of the story, slowly. Interests and curiosity reached its heights after Subhashree posted pictures of the film’s shooting at the Alps Mountains, in a social networking site.

Fans are still busy in guessing the plot of the movie. Some thinks it would be an action- blockbuster, while others believe that the movie might be of the ‘filmy-drama’ genre. What is the actual genre then?

Wait till ‘Abhimaan’ releases at a theatre near you!

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