Sahara Chief Subrata Roy In Kolkata


Kolkata: Sahara Chief Subrata Roy arrived in Kolkata for a programme at the Science City on Saturday.

Subrata Roy, who is out on a parole, came to Kolkata on Saturday. At first, he held a meeting with the employees of Sahara at the Science City. He thanked all the employees and those who stood by him during tough times. He was given permission for a parole till July 11 after he assured of handing over 200 crore rupees to SEBI.

Subrata Roy met with several Sarada employees in many cities of several states. Prior to this, he held meetings at Hyderabad, Kanpur, Nagpur, Vijaywada and Delhi. He is scheduled to hold another meeting after the one in Kolkata, in Guwahati. A huge police force from Haryana was present to keep a track of the whereabouts of Subrata. He went to a 5-star hotel after landing at the Kolkata airport and then to the meeting at Science City. The Haryana police force were present since May 30 in Kolkata.