‘Sahajyo Korun Baba’, Vikram Screamed For Help After Accident


Kolkata: While the social media is split in two sections (#JusticeForSonika and #VoiceForVikramChatterjee ), startling facts emerge every other day. A report carried out by The Times of India has brought into public some eye-witness’ accounts.

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On the wee hours of April 29, ‘Sahajyo Korun Baba’ (Help me father) and ‘Meri Biwi Mar Gayi’ (My wife is dead) were the first words Vikram Chatterjee uttered after coming out of the almost mangled car soon after the accident. Kalua Singh, a rickshaw puller was sleeping outside a photocopy shop on Tara Road when he heard a loud bang which eventually woke him up. He was the first one to reach the accident site, the accident which caused model-anchor Sonika Singh Chauhan’s untimely death.

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“It was 3.25 am when I was woken up by the noise that could be heard even from Gariahat; it was that loud. The car, I am certain, was coming at a high speed. Within seconds, the man (Vikram) came out of the car from the other side and dragged a lady out. He made her lie on the middle of the main road and screamed, ‘Sahajyo korun, baba’. I heard him saying, ‘Meri biwi mar gayi’, but things were happening so fast that I can’t confirm his exact words,” he said. The girl, said Kalua, was bleeding from her mouth while there were no bruises or cuts to be seen. “I thought she was dead because something had hit her chest from the impact. The man was bleeding from all over and his shirt was stained. He was crying and asked me to find him a cab,” recalled Kalua. “A local cabbie had stopped as four-five people gathered. We asked the taxi driver if he would take them to the hospital and he agreed,” said Kalua. The rickshaw puller admitted that not a minute was lost in the process.

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“The man said, ‘Hum ko Ruby le ke chaliye’ and that’s what the taxi driver did. Once they left, within minutes, the police came. They took my name as an eyewitness, but did not record my statement. In the car, I could see a few phones lying, apart from a wallet and a big handbag. I did not see the man make a single call,” he said.

Kalua Singh, the rickshaw puller, Image Courtesy : TOI

Three days after the accident, a few men had come to enquire and they claimed to be from Sonika’s side. “They asked me what had happened that night and I explained it to them. The only thing I am scared of is a police inquiry. I am a poor man and don’t want any harm,” he requested as he agreed to pose for a picture.

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A sweeper, who refused to be named, also corroborated the facts. “I was on the pavement that night. Suddenly, with a loud noise, a white car rammed into the concrete structure some 20 metres from me. I found the right side (driver’s side) of the vehicle smashed and a man was struggling to come out. I opened the left door and saw a severely injured lady,” he recalled.

When Vikram asked for a cab, the sweeper and his associates got busy. “The taxi was waiting for a passenger and I convinced him to cancel the booking,” he added. When the sweeper asked Vikram to go to Shishumangal Hospital, he screamed, “Ruby chalo! Ruby chalo,” to the driver.

After around an hour, the driver came back and met the sweeper and said that the girl was probably dead and that he was not feeling well. “He was in a state of shock and said he wanted to go home. Since then, I haven’t seen him,” he told us.

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The beautiful Sonika who left us too young

On the fateful night of April 29, the city witnessed one of its major accidents. Model-anchor Sonika died, while Vikram was injured. This was not the end. The city witnessed the surrender of Vikram to the court only to be bailed out within hours. Later on he called a press conference where he denied all allegations of rash driving and being drunk.

After much pressure, Vikram confessed in front of the police interrogation that he was drunk. The reports from the car company said that Vikram’s SUV car was running at a speed of 105 per hour. The social media has been running 2 separate campaigns. While one awaits a proper justice for Sonika while the other hates Vikram being in the limelight for all the wrong reasons as according to them.

Assumptions are high whether the police would file a case of unintentional murder against Vikram Chatterjee. Only time will tell what happened in that night.