Safe Life To Anyone In Valley Who Wants To Surrender: J&K Police

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Srinagar: Police today paraded a militant of Lashkar-e-Toiba before media in Srinagar who had surrendered yesterday at Shopian district of south Kashmir during an encounter.
The name of the militant is Adil Hussain Dar and he lives at Shopian.

The police also presented an over ground worker of militants before media. He was apprehended today at Kulgam during the encounter and his name is Arif.

While addressing to media an official of J&K police said that “The highlight of the two operations was that they were conducted in areas which are volatile to say the least but there was no civilian casualty and there was no civilian injury. A new phase I think we all want to enter and is where we can conduct operations without getting in confrontation with civilian population and that has been through the yesterday.”

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Another official said that “ We want to assure every citizen of Kashmir that if anyone wants to surrender, safe passage is assured, rehabilitation is assured and when three agencies combine together with all the resources, we can assure a good life, a safe life to anyone of the Valley who wants to surrender who wants to come to the mainstream. We as three vital parts of the security apparatus in the Valley want to assure every person the valley that if your future would be safe if you decide to get away whoever is misguiding you and we can assure you bright future.”

“In our system the biggest incentive is given to a person who ensures surrender because that is the biggest achievement. Surrender is always considered a biggest. We all feel sad when somebody dies. It doesn’t give happiness to any of us. So, surrender will always be on the highest priority, even for our men that if you get surrenders, that is the biggest thing you can do and that is the biggest achievement.”