Sad & Disappointed Sirazul Refuses To Accept Honour


Kolkata: A sad and dissapointed Sirazul Islam, who had lost his job 25 years ago
for trying to help Mamata Banerjee, have refused to accept an honour from state
minister Bratya Basu. It has been more than a month that Sirazul had submitted
papers to Firhad Hakim, minister for Urban Development and the Minister for
Municipal Affairs. But there is no word from the government yet. Sirazul had sought
for the CM’s help to get him a job and save him and his family.

On rejecting the honour by Bratya, Sirazul said, “I run my family consisting of
eight people including my old parents. I pass through everyday with great
difficulty by ferrying groceries on my bicycle. So no honour can help me. Even if
any honour is to be given, then why only me? Three more people had lost their jobs
because of the incident that day. They must be called too.”

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Sirazul Islam lives in North 24 Parganas’ Gobardanga Ichapur Bhadrabhanga village
with his parents and a brother and sister.

Sirazul said, “I could have lead a peaceful life with my children if I would have
got back my job.”

Sirazul also submitted letters to the then TMC leader Mukul Roy and present food
minister Jyotipriya Mullick, but in vain. Jyotipriya Mullick said, “It does not
work by just giving letters. One must come in person to get back a job. Instead of
coming to me, Sirazul is trying to get highlighted by coming in front of the media.
But one do not get their job back by just coming into the lime-light.”

Addressing to Mullick, Sirazul said, “He is looking after North 24 Parganas. I am a
TMC worker in his area. He also knows that I met Firhad Hakim. But even after that
Balu da (Jyotipriya Mullick) did not seek for my information from anyone. So how
can I go and stand in front of him.”

The year was 1993. The then Youth Congress leader Mamata Banerjee had called for a
march towards the Writers Building. On July 21, the police had stopped the rally at
the Brabourne road. The police resorted to lathi-charge leaving Mamata Banerjee

Nirmal Biswas,the then Superintendent of Police (SI) , Seargent Pradip Sarkar and
constable Sirazul Islam strongly protested the unprovoked lathi-charge. Sirazul
Islam had also pointed his gun at a top official at the place of the incident.

There actions were enough for these police officers to lose their jobs. After
fighting legally for 18 long years, Nirmal was returned back his job. Sergent
Pradip Sarkar had to take retirement without any promotion.

Constable Sirazul’s service was terminated in 1996. He did file a case in the High
Court but had to eventually stop the fight due to lack of money.