Sachin Speaks What He Could Not Say In RS


New Delhi: A day after Sachin Tendulkar was not allowed to speak in Rajya Sabha by protesting Congress MPs, the master blaster took to social networking site “Facebook” to deliver his message on “Transforming India from sports loving nation to sport playing nation”. He urged the nation to make this dream come true.

Sachin started by saying there are few things I wanted to convey to the nation yesterday. He shared a 15 minute video on his facebook page where he talked about the need to remain healthy and fit. He went on to say that the sports have a telling impact on the country’s economy.

“There are many issues in the country which needs to be addressed like economic growth, poverty, food security, healthcare among many others. Being a sportsman, I would talk on sports, health and fitness for it has a telling impact on our economy,” he said in the video.
Tendulkar also raised his concerns about India being the diabetic capital of the world and number three for obesity. He suggested that we need to adopt sports and play to remain healthy and competitive.

“We need to develop sporting culture in India. The north-east which is only 4 percent of population have a very vibrant sporting culture and they have produced many sporting heroes including our icon Mary Kom,” he added.

Sachin stated a young, unhealthy and unfit India is a recipe for disaster. He proposed the framework of 3 I, Invest, Insure and Immortalise. He said, along with smart cities, we need to build smart sport cities and urged Corporate Affairs Minister, Arun Jaitley to invest in building sports infrastructure.

He said there needs to be proper coaching along with identification of talent to win medals at international stage like Olympics. He also said financial security often led many budding sportspersons to end their career.

“Seeta Sahu, meallist at Special Olympics is selling golgappas to meet her ends. We need to create organizations where these athetes can train students to become an icon. There is so much these atheletes can offer to the society,” Sachin added.