Sabuj Kali Sen Remains As VC Of Visva-Bharati


Bolpur: Human Resource Development Ministry of India has sent a letter to Visva-Bharati on Monday evening, mentioning that Sabuj Kali Sen is the Vice-Chancellor of Visva-Bharati. Swapan Kumar Datta was the officiating VC, has ended his tenure couple of months ago. Right after that Visva-Bharati become headless. Then Sabuj Kali Sen has been appointed as the temporary VC.

On 24th February she has finished her duration of directorship. It made the situation more complex. Several protests and opinion had been taking place in demand of permanent Vice- Chancellor. But Human Resource Department did not finalise anything.

The decision from Delhi has resolved the problem. Registrar of Visva-Bharati has received the letter which has extended the tenure of Sabujkali Sen as Vice Chancellor.

বিশ্বভারতীর দায়িত্ব থাকছে সবজুকলির হাতেই

The letter clearly stated that, though the tenure of directorship has come to end but it has no link with the retirement. She will retired on August 2020. So HRD ministry had seek for advise from the ministry of law to pursue the process. But no law has hindered Sen from holding the position of VC. Then only the confirmed letter has been sent to the university.