‘Russian Woman Spy Infiltrated IS Terror Network’


Moscow: A Russian woman spy infiltrated Islamic State (IS) ranks and before being executed passed on key information due to which many jihadists lost their lives, the terror group has claimed.

An article titled “Elvira Karaeva — Agent of the Russian Special Services” in Istok, the Islamic State’s Russian-language online magazine, focusses on the woman whom IS in the Caucasus accused of being an agent of the Russian intelligence services.

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Karaeva worked as a spy for four years, during which she secretly passed along information on the jihadist groups in the Caucasus, including locations and photographs of IS fighters, Fox News reported citing the article.

The article notes that although Karaeva was questioned by IS’s “investigative authorities”, she was able to convince them of her innocence.

But when the terror network used a “cunning investigative manoeuvre”, the woman confessed and was later executed by an IS member, according to the article.

“Elvira the apostate gave information to the Russian special services about our brothers and sisters waging jihad…in the Caucasus Province,” the article was quoted as saying.

The woman — whose identity has not been confirmed by Russia — provided the Kremlin with the location of safe houses, secret bases, and positions of IS members, according to the terror network.

The article claimed the woman was caught on an audio recording speaking about her role with the Russian intelligence services.

It also said that she was married to a jihadist named Abu Muslim, who she killed by poisoning.