Russian MP Blasted While Having Sex


Moscow: A glamorous Russian lawmaker and her husband died in a grenade explosion inside a parked car in which they were reportedly having sex, reports said.

The remains of Oksana Bobrovskaya, who was in Vladimir Putin’s United Russia Party and the regional legislative deputy of Novosibirsk city, and her husband Nikita Bobrovskaya, an ex-military special service personnel, were found semi-naked in the rear seat of their Toyota RAV-4.

It is suspected that Nikita, who had accused his wife of extra-marital affairs in the past, forced her to have sex with him holding an explosive device in his hand. The 30-year-old MP’s face was reportedly ripped off in the explosion and all the windows, except the front windscreen, were blown out.

“It was horrific – something you would not wish anyone to see. No heads, glass covered in blood a nightmare,” a witness to the explosion told. Vitaly Latypov, head of the investigation department of Oktyabrsky district, told the Siberian Times that a ‘common grenade’ may have caused the explosion.

“There is a version that he held in his hands a kind of grenade or a piece of TNT,” a police source reported.
Novosibirsk mayor Anatoly Lokot told that Oksana and her husband’s death was due to problems in her family.
“All versions regarding a terrorist act are withdrawn. This was not a terrorist act,” the mayor said. The couple is survived by their four-year-old daughter, Angelina.