Russian ‘Dooms Day’ Super Weapon Ready to Launch


Moscow: A Russian doomsday plane designed for use in the event of a nuclear war could be ready to launch within a fortnight, reported The Sun.

Putin’s secret weapon, a superplane which acts as a command centre in the event of all-out war, has been rushed through testing and is nearly ready for use.

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The doomsday plane was not meant to be ready until late December but Putin has ordered its production to be sped up as tensions with Turkey continue.

Putin’s superplane acts as an airborne strategic command centre which can be used by top generals and strategists to coordinate nuclear strikes from the safety of the skies.

The modified Ilyushin II-80 aircraft can maintain full control over Russian armed forces when ground bases are threatened, with America being the only country to possess a similar weapon.

Aleksandr Komyakov, one of the plane’s designers, says the Il-80’s main advantage is its “invincibility.”

He adds: “While command installations with known ground positions could be eliminated, an airborne command post is a target hard to disable because it shifts continuously. The Americans call this type of aircraft ‘doomsday planes.’”

The airborne command centre’s main function is “establishing communications networks in extremely unfavourable circumstances – with ground infrastructure missing or destroyed.”

With the plane nearly ready to launch in the event of a nuclear conflict, the diplomatic tension between Turkey and Russia is set to continue.