Russian Boxer Rushed From Arena In Tears, Agony

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Rio De Janeiro: A Russian boxer was wheel chaired out of the arena in agony and floods of tears as her Rio Olympic dream came to an excruciating halt when she injured her arm in the semi-finals.

With one minute left of the first round against France’s Estelle Mossely, the 23-year-old Anastasiia Beliakova threw a punch at an awkward angle with her left hand and then immediately screeched in pain and stopped. A doctor climbed through the ropes and rushed to her aid, as she stood grimacing in pain and unable to move.

She was coaxed gingerly out of the ring and into a wheelchair, and spirited out of the arena as she cried in distress. It was not immediately clear what the injury was, but Mossely said she thought the Russian had dislocated her elbow.

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Asked by AFP how she felt about getting into Friday’s lightweight final in that way, Mossely said: “It’s a contrasting feeling because of course I’m very happy but obviously I would have preferred the win was different, but that’s the result.