Russian Airstrikes Kill 21 Civilians

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Damascus: At least 21 civilians were killed in airstrikes conducted by the Russian forces in Islamic State (IS)-held village in eastern Syria, local media reports said on Wednesday.

Reportedly, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, confirming the airstrikes, said that several residential buildings were targetted.

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Last week, at least 20 civilians were killed in attacks coordinated by the Syrian regime in Eastern Ghouta suburb of Damascus.

The attacks were targetted at the Opposition-held residential neighbourhoods of Douma, Misraba, Ein Tarma, Medeira and Harasta.

The sources said 13 civilians, including three children, were killed in Misraba, five people, including a child, were killed in Medeira and two others in Douma.

Last month, at least 12 civilians were killed in shelling by the Assad regime forces in Damascus on Saturday.

According to a Syrian civil defence source, Madyara, Haresta, Arbin, Hamuriyyah, Zamalka and Hazze regions were hit in the shelling.

A number of people also got injured, who were later rushed to the nearby medical facility.

A civil defence report has claimed that at least 45 civilians lost their lives due to Syrian regime’s intense attacks on Eastern Ghouta between November 14-17.