Russia World Cup: 21 Paisa Per Hour For Jersey Maker In Bangladesh

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As Russia World Cup is knocking on the door here comes some unknown fact about World Cup. Bengal made the scratch mark after came with 21 paisa per hour in jersey making business.

In 2018 Russia World Cup many countries official jerseys have been made in Bangladesh. England jersey is among the most famous list. The white jersey with three lions carrying a Bengal’s touch.

Reportedly, the jersey of Nike has also made in Epijed area of Bangladesh. Most of them are women among them. They are making all these against 21 paisa.

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According to a report, they have worked for 150 rupees per day while making jerseys for England. Approximately 60 hours work took the entire labour in a week and the same jersey at being sold at 14 thousand. There are many which have been made for the supporters.

The market value is high in international market but those who are making it are working at 21 paisa. Such discrimination has already beefed up question among the people.