Russia to Refit Sindhukesari Subs For Indian Navy


New Delhi: In the summer of 2016, the military shipyard Zvyezdochka (Little Star) Ship Repair Center in Severodvinsk will start repair works on the Sindhukesari (Sea King), a diesel-electric submarine serving in the Indian Navy. Yevgeny Gladyshev, official representative of the shipyard, confirmed this information to TASS on October 16.

“Actually, on Wednesday we did sign a contract for medium repairs and modernization works on the Sindhukesari,” said Mr. Gladyshev. “Next summer, the submarine will come to the Zvyezdochka, and will stay there for about 27 months, to have all needed repairs carried out.”

Sindhukesari will become the sixth Russian-built submarine from Project 877EKM, which will be modernized in the Zvyezdochka Shipyard for the Indian Navy. However, as they noted at the shipyard, for the Zvyezdochka, this contract will be unique, especially since the Sindukesari will be undergoing medium repair works for the second time. The submarine was built by the Leningrad Admiralty Association (currently the Admiralty Shipyards) in 1988, and in 1999-2001, St. Petersburg shipbuilders had already performed medium repairs and modernization on the vessel. The submarine has already completed its planned service life. Thus, the Sindhukesari will become the first submarine in the Indian Navy’s Varshavyanka-class grouping, the service life of which will be more than 35 years, while maintaining high operational and combat performance characteristics.

The Zvyezdochka specializes in the repair and decommissioning of nuclear submarines, and since 1997, this shipyard has modernized five diesel-electric submarines for the Indian Navy – the Sinduvir, Sindhuratna, Sindugosh, Sinduvidzhay, and Sindhurakshak. The enterprise is also continuing its work on the repair sand modernization of Sindhukirti submarine at its home base in India – in the city of Vizakhapatnam.

All these Russian-built submarines (NATO classification – Kilo) were developed by the Rubin Design Bureau (St. Petersburg). They are designed to fight against enemy submarines and surface ships, as well to defend naval bases, onshore and offshore communications, as well as carry out reconnaissance and patrol activities. These submarines have a displacement of 2,300 tons, length – 72.6 m, submerged speed – 19 knots (about 35 km/h), diving depth – 300 m, crew – 52 persons, and cruising capacity – 45 days. Armament includes six torpedo tubes of 533-mm caliber. After the modernization works, this submarines will be able to launch Russian cruise missiles from the Club-S complex (developer NPO Novator), with a range of about 200 km.

Source: Defence News

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