Russia Developing Counter US Missile System: Putin


Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin says Moscow is working on weapons systems to counter the US’s so-called anti-missile shield.

Putin made the remarks at a meeting in the southwestern city of Sochi on Tuesday to discuss the development of the country’s defense sector.

“We have repeatedly said that Russia will take all necessary retaliatory steps to strengthen its strategic nuclear forces capabilities. We will also work on missile defense systems. But at the first stage as we’ve said many times before we will work on assault systems able to counter any anti-missile systems,” he said.

Washington is trying to conceal its real objective behind the enlargement of its so-called anti-missile shield across Europe, citing alleged threats posed by North Korea and Iran, the Russian president added.

The purported threats by Pyongyang and Tehran “only camouflage the true plans, and their (the US) true goal is to neutralize the strategic nuclear potential of other nuclear states,” he noted.

Putin further emphasized that the US claims come at a time that the issue of Iran has been “settled and relevant agreements have been signed.”