Ruling Party Is Fighting Corruption, Opposition Isn’t: PM

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New Delhi: NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today that “unlike before, the ruling party today is fighting corruption and black money and unlike before, the opposition parties are not.”

“Before, the ruling party indulged in corruption, like with Bofors and the spectrum scam. At that time, the opposition came together to agitate, but today, the ruling party and the NDA are fighting to defeat black money and it is being opposed by the opposition,” the PM reportedly said in an address at a BJP Parliamentary meet today, according to Union minister Ananth Kumar, who briefed the press after the meeting.

The PM was likely referring to the fact that almost all the opposition parties have opposed the Centre scrapping high value currency notes on November 8.

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The PM also reportedly took a swipe at the opposition for “asking for proof for everything.” Modi made this comment in reference to today being the anniversary of the liberation of Bangladesh.

“Today is (December) 16th and the date of Bangladesh’s liberation. At that time when (Bangladesh was declared liberated) the opposition didn’t ask for proof of that, but today the opposition asks for proof,” he said, according to the BJP’s Kumar.

That reference was likely to some opposition party members asking for proof on whether the country’s armed forces did indeed conduct “surgical strikes” on Pakistani terrorist camps in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir in September after the Uri terror attack.

Modi also reportedly said that for the BJP and the NDA, the country is bigger than the party.