Rudranil Resigns From Right To Public Service Commission Council


Kolkata: Actor Rudranil Ghosh resigns from state public service Commission. He submitted his resignation letter on Monday evening. According to Rudranil, he gave his resignation due to personal reasons. According to sources, due to slow procedure, no work in the commission has started. No one has been employed. And new office also hasn’t been set up. And in this condition Rudranil doesn’t want to engage himself in the post of commissioner.

Rudranil also mentioned that he didn’t leave the post because of any grudge against anyone.

West Bengal Service Commission was set up because to handle public complaints regarding the functionality of government departments. Rudranil was deployed as the head of the Commission. But earlier he was in the post of president of Teaching council. His deviation in thoughts with the acting education minister Ujjal Biswas had come up.

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