RSS To Organise Route March On Mahalaya


Kolkata: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh will hold route-march throughout West Bengal on Mahalaya. At least 20 thousand member of RSS will participate in the route-march programme.

Darivit students death, bomb blast in front of TMC party office and child death has triggered the politics in West Bengal. All the incidents started a blame-game before puja. In such time, route-march adding a new angle in Bengal politics. RSS has filed a defamation case against State Education Minister Partha Chatterjee for blaming RSS directly without any valid background. So it is a threat to TMC by organising a programme on Mahalaya.

A South Bengal Spokesperson said that, people in civil dresses and uniform will participate in the rally. At least 20 thousand uniformed people will be there. But the civil dress people will not be counted.

As per the programme, the number of people will cross 20 thousand. As per the agenda, the route march will take place in every town, small town, Kolkata and sub-urban area. It has a certain manner that RSS member has to cross 3.5 km within 40 minutes along with RSS bands which plays patriotic songs. Route march is announced programme of RSS. But the present progrmme will grab the attention of the ruling party and the administration too.

BJP president Dilip Ghosh termed South Dumdum municipality chairman Pachu Roy a naxal after TMC blamed RSS over Darivit incident and Nagerbazar bomb blast. The rising political pressure can be traced after Mahalaya.