RSS Questions Role Of Police In Islampur Incident


Kolkata: The RSS leadership in North Dinajpur have raised questions on the role of
the police in the Dinvita incident. The questioned that who fired during the
student protests, who orderd to shot fires and why were the bullets not examined
yet. They have also harshly criticised the education minister and have demanded his
immediate resignation.

RSS have criticised the ruling party over the death of two former students of
Islampur school due to gun shots. On the other hand, the oppositions have claimed
that the police had fire the shots. The police however has rejected such

RSS state chief Jishnu Basu demanded answers from the police. He asked, “The police
is saying that they did not shoot. Then who fired the shots? An examination can
prove who did the bullets belong to, the police or someone else.” He also
questioned that why the examination of bullets were not done.

It will be an eye-wash if the police or any state investigating organisations
investigates this. He has demanded for a CBI investigation into the case.

The education minister Partha Chatterjee has accused the RSS party for having a
direct hand in the Dinvita students’ death case. Rejecting such claims, Jishnu said
that the police did not get any proof that their party was involved in this. Then
on what basis did the minister claim, questioned Jishnu. He also accused the state
government for being responsible for the incident.