RSS Promotes Mediocrity: Rahul Gandhi


New Delhi: Congress ‘Yuvraj’ Rahul Gandhi has again trained gun on the RSS in a bid to highlight his so called secular mindset and an attempt to attain some serious attention toward his so far ridiculous and immature stands.

The Congres vice-president expressing his solidarity with the agitating FTTI students said that RSS promotes mediocrity. The FTII students requested Rahul Gandhi to raise their protest in Parliament. "We want you to take our fight to Parliament," one of the FTTI students told Rahul Gandhi.

"Why is the government disturbed by your protests," Rahul Gandhi asked the protesting FTTI students. "A person who is mediocre has been put on top of people who don't want to be mediocre," Rahul Gandhi said.

"The RSS and its wings promote mediocrity. I have seen this everywhere," Rahul Gandhi told agitating students.

"They will say you are anti-national, anti-Hindu. They are scared of you. That is the nature of a bully," Rahul Gandh said.

"If PM Narendra Modi has decided on Gajendra Chuhan, no one can change that in BJP," the Congress VP added.

FTII students have been on strike since June 12 against the "political appointment" of Gajendra Chauhan as chairperson of the FTII society along with four other members. The students have alleged that all five "lack credentials" and have been appointed because of their "affiliations" to the RSS or the BJP.