RSS Performs Route-March On Mahalaya To Showcase Strength


Chinsurah: The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh held a route-march across the state on Mahalaya, Monday. The march was for the purpose of showcasing their strength in Bengal. As they said earlier that will will perform a route march on Mahalaya so kept their promise and the Sangh members performed the rally in different parts of the state.

The state has been going through different turmoils in the recent time. Few incidents have boiled up the state politics too. After two devastating incidents- Firstly, the Darivik High School student shooting case of Islampur. Secondly, the Nagerbazar explosion that has claimed a life of an innocent child as well as left many with scars of injury and the horrific memory of the incident. Meanwhile, the Sangh has filed a defamation case against State Education Minister Partha Chatterjee for accusing them without any valid evidence. So the RSS had earlier decided to organize a route-march on Mahalaya to showcase their unity and strength proving themselves threat to TMC.Earlier, a South Bengal Spokesperson said that, people in civil dresses and uniform will participate in the rally. At least 20 thousand uniformed people will be there. But the civil dress people will not be counted.

Accordingly, on Monday RSS held the route-march at Chinsurah in Hoogly district around 8:30 am. Nearly 300 RSS members took part in the procession. The route-march started from Krishnapur Bazar area of Chinsurah and following through Khadina crossing it ended at Sukantanagar. The RSS has claimed that many commoners also have participated in this procession.As per the agenda, RSS has a certain manner like- the members have to cross 3.5 km within 40 minutes along with RSS bands that plays patriotic songs. The route marches are not new for the Sangh. This is a declared program of every year. But this year it is organized in a bigger manner. Because their main goal is to grab the attention of the administration. At the same time to showcase their power to the ruling party.