RSS Condemns CM Mamata’s Response On Jai Shri Ram


Kolkata: Just before Mamata Banerjee’s convoy entered Chandrakona, near Radhaballavpur area, a group of boys chanted ‘Jai Shri Ram’, ‘Jai Shri Ram’ several times. Mamata Banerjee is seen angrily coming out of her car and saying,” Palachish keno, aye, aye, Palachish keno, aye aye”. She further went on to say,” Haridas Sob….”

The video has become viral on Saturday. BJP leaders shared the video on their social media page. A spokesman from the South Bengal branch of RSS said, “It can not be believed That a Chief Minister can do this job. She is not able to work properly. So disappointment occurred.”

জয় শ্রী রাম ধ্বনিতে মুখ্যমন্ত্রীর এমন আচরণ সাজে না, বলছে আরএসএস

The BJP organization is very strong in Chandrakona in West Midnapore where the incident happened, it was only after the Panchayat elections. State BJP President Dilip Ghosh’s ancestral house in this district. BJP on the other hand said Why she is angry? Is It Wrong to say Jai Shri Ram?

A BJP leader said, “General people are daring to do such a thing in front of Chief Minister’s convoy. From this it is not difficult to assume that there is discontent among people. People are not afraid of leaders of the ruling party. ”

The Trinamool Congress, on the other hand, is not ready to give importance to the incident. One leader said, “BJP will not get popularity in this Bengal. People think Mamata Banerjee as their guardian.