RSP Councilor Arrested On Arson Charges


Balurghat: Former Councilor, Arijit Mahanta, from the RSP party, has been arrested for attacking, ransacking and trying to set fire on a TMC activist’s house, on Thursday.

Arijit Mahanta also called Boltu was arrested from the area’s Tangra on Thursday night.

Several RSP activists were accused of attacking houses of two TMC workers just after April 17’s assembly polls, in the Balurghat’s Beltalapark area. Former councilor of ward 1 was accused of leading a group of ten to twelve men, with weapons, to attack the houses of two residents of the area, Subrata Roy and Khokon Sarkar. Due to the absence of Subrata Roy, they attacked his wife, Anita Roy, injured her and robbed her of her money and ornaments. Khokon Sarkar was beaten up and his bike ransacked. A written complaint was lodged against Arijit Mahanta and his men.

Arijit Mahanta was declared absconding since the complaint was lodged against him. The police arrested RSP activists, Dipankar Das, Golok Biswas, Shakti Thakur and Shiv Thakur on April 19.

There was secret information of Arijit Mahanta’s whereabouts with IC Sanchoy Ghosh. Finally, former RSC councilor, was arrested on Thursday night from Tengra and as per police reports, he has been booked for illegal use of weapons, ransacking of houses and robbery.