Rs 12Lakh Just In A Month By Selling Tea


Pune: Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? But this tea seller is probably one of the richest in Maharashtra (maybe even India) as he earns Rs 12 lakh per month.

Meet Navnath Yewle, the owner of one of the most famous tea stalls in Pune – Yewle Tea House.The ‘chai pakora’ style of functioning is not only confined to the political landscape of the country but being taken up as a serious business proposition to earning money.

Yewle added that he has two outlets in the city and in a day, they sell around 3,000 to 4,000 cups of tea from each outlet and earns around Rs 10 to 12 lakh per month. Yewle now plans to expand his business and make Yewle Tea House into an international brand.

An enterprising youngster from Maharashtra’s Pune city has created a first of sorts by earning Rs 12 lakhs a month by just selling tea. Navnath Yewle’s tea parlour has become the talking point of the town and has created a brand loyalty among avid tea drinkers in the city.

Yewle Tea house has become one of the famous stalls in the city. Navnath Yewle, co-founder of Yewle Tea house, says he is going to make it an international brand very soon. “Unlike ‘pakora’ business, this tea selling business is also creating employment for Indians.

This business is growing fast and I’m happy,” Navnath told ANI. Currently, Yewle Tea House has got three centers in the city and every center has about 12 employees working in it.