Rs 10 Saree Creates Stampede-Like Situation


Hyderabad: When a shopping mall in Telangana announced that it would be selling sarees for Rs 10 each, the owners seemed to have least anticipated any chaos.

On the day of the sale, over 400 women descended on the store trying to get their hands on the sarees. The chaos led to a stampede-like situation that injured four women and the mall manager getting booked by the police for negligence.

Any day a saree for Rs 10 is a pretty sweet deal that sure would bring in a lot of customers to your store, or so thought the management of CMR Shopping Mall in Siddipet.

Visuals taken from inside show a mob breaking open the main shutter to enter the shopping mall.

Police said the stampede started as the store entrance was too narrow to accommodate such a large gathering of people.

S Anjaneyulu, Siddipet I town inspector, said, “The stampede started after a woman fell from a narrow ramp that leads to the main store entrance. Three other women fell over her, this created panic and a stampede like situation. The shopping mall staff did not anticipate the crowd, they were ill-prepared. We have booked a case of negligence against the shopping mall manager.”

While several media outlets reported that 15 women were injured, police said that only four were injured in the stampede. “These were minor injuries, the women went back home after they received first aid,” police said.

In other videos, women customers can be seen arguing with the mall staff, while the police present there tried to calm the crowd down.