Rouges attack Elocutionist’s house


Kolkata: Rouges stormed into the house of eminent elocutionist Partha Ghosh and Gouri Ghosh. The incident took place after the Saraswati Puja got over neat their flat at Dumdum. According to reports, the club members associated with the puja, raised the decibel level excessively at the night of Saraswati puja. The son of Partha Ghosh, Ayan Ghosh, protested against this.

In reply to this, the local rogues threw stones and pebbles targeting the artiste’s house. Being in an intoxicated state, the rogues continued their barbaric act till late night. When Partha Ghosh went to the police station to lodge a complaint, the police had given him a cold shoulder, added Ghosh.