Rose Valley Scam: No One Should Not Be Spared: Kunal Ghosh

Investigation an ‘eye-wash': Kunal Ghosh
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Kolkata: Suspended Trinamool Congress (TMC) Rajya Sabha MP Kunal Ghosh on Saturday demanded that his party must form an internal probe committee over the issue of chit fund scam.

Ghosh, who is out on bail after spending almost three years in jail in connection to the Saradha chit fund scam said, “The allegations are very serious, the situation is grave. So instead of disturbing the public, the party should seek an inquiry within.”

Reacting to the Central Government’s offer of a top post with state-run telecom company BSNL, Ghosh said he would not be able to take the job due to personal commitments.

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“I’m thankful to the department of telecommunications for appointing me as the chairman of the telephone advisory committee,” Ghosh said adding, “One must not read any political motives into the appointment,” he said.

However, speaking out about party chief Mamata Banerjee’s crusade against the CBI probe into the Rose Valley chit fund scam, the suspended MP said he wholeheartedly welcomes the central agency’s probe even though his own party men were being arrested.

“I have faced the situation. I’m fighting my own battle. Let them fight their battle too. No one should not be spared,” Kunal told India Today.

Rubbishing the vendetta charge against the Centre, as claimed by the TMC supremo, Ghosh said, “Those complaining of political vendetta had used the same against me.”

“I’ve seen what political vendetta looks like. I have been its victim. When I had demanded a CBI probe in the Saradha scam, the Bengal police had hounded me,” he added.

Coming out strongly in support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetisation drive, Ghosh urged the Centre not to bow down to any pressure from the Opposition even though his own party was vehemently opposing it.

“I totally support demonetisation. I request the PM not to roll back the decision. Steps must be taken against black money,” he said.

Questioning Mamata Banerjee’s opposition to the move, Ghosh said “I’m not aware of any discussion within my party on this very issue. One day, one fine morning someone will take a decision and then why should the rest follow?”