Rose Valley Scam: MP Tapas Pal Claims Innocence


Bhubaneswar: Trinamool Congress MP Tapas Pal, who was arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) last Friday for his alleged involvement in the Rose Valley chit fund scam, has pleaded innocence. The CBI had taken Pal to Bhubaneswar on Saturday for questioning.

Pal, former director of Rose Valley, was interrogated for around four hours by the CBI officials in Saltlake office along with his wife before he was arrested. The Rose Valley Group had received over Rs 10,000 crore in public deposits from several people across the country, especially from eastern states including West Bengal and Odisha.

Tapas Pal has pleaded strongly for his innocence but remained silent on all other issues. He refused to speak when asked about his involvement and avoided questions which were linked to other personalities’ involvement in the case.

The TMC MP did not even react to Babul Supriyo’s counter allegations and threat to file a defamation case against him.

He was being taken to the Capital Hospital for a procedural medical check-up conducted by the CBI when he said, “I haven’t done anything, I’m innocent. I am a decent man. You will see for yourselves that I’m innocent. Tomorrow you will come to know everything. I haven’t done anything wrong. I would also like to wish Happy New Year to everyone.”

Tapas Pal has strictly maintained his stand and continued to plea his innocence. He said that the proceedings in the court would prove his innocence.

“I am innocent. I am not guilty of anything. Everything will be proved in time. Every name will be revealed,” Pal said.

Trinamool Lok Sabha leader Sudip Bandhopadhyay was supposed to appear before the CBI in response to the notice sent last week to both his home and office to appear for questioning in connection with the probe into alleged money laundering by Rose Valley Group.

The leader had requested for some time before he makes his appearance in front of the CBI and said on Sunday that he would appear before the CBI in the first week of January.

TMC party members believe that the Centre is using the CBI for political vendetta. Derek O’Brien, MP and TMC leader, had tweeted, “So now political atrocities against those opposed to #NoteBandi and with the movement. We will fight it out.”