Roopa visits the Parui victim

Rupa Ganguly infront of Raj Bhawan Pic: Mitul Das

Suri: The new member of the BJP, Roopa Ganguly visited the house of the woman who was tortured in a barbaric way by 3 policemen at Parui a few days back. After a team led by Samik Bhattacharya, this is BJP’s second visit to Sattoor. Roopa was accompanied by Joy Banerjee on her visit to Birbhum.

Roopa met the victim on Wednesday. The State government has not yet taken any active step against the guilty police officers. Only Kartick Mohan Ghosh has been suspended. Roopa met the tortured victim on Wednesday and raised question towards the state government for not taking any step yet.

Roopa Ganguly also made it clear that the government is not taking any action. As a result of which such kind of an incident is becoming recurrent in the state. No one has been arrested yet by the police.