Roof-Katha, Organic Herbal Restaurant Opened At Eco Park

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Kolkata: Kolkata’s Eco Park has opened an organic herbal restaurant named Roof-Katha to serve delicacies made out of the ‘rooftop’ garden produce.

Run by the Bengal agriculture department, organic fertilizers, rain water and sunlight would be the only ingredients for the vegetable being grown in the garden. Alongside supplying ingredients to Roof-Katha a portion of the vegetables would also be sold in markets.

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The Agriculture department that had earlier approved the idea of encouraging the city residents to grow vegetables and fruits in their gardens using organic fertilizers is also thinking of incentivizing the scheme by giving such buildings the green building certifications.

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The restaurant is the state government’s initiative to promote the idea

Another idea being considered is setting up of organic fertilizer selling centers, where the fertilizers would be sourced from residents which would be made by them using everyday waste products like peels of vegetables and fruits, and soaked tea leaves.