Ronaldo’s Mother Expressed Her Anger Over Foul Row


Lisbon: Any mother cannot tolerate and burst with anger when his child have an Injury due to others. Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother is not exceptional. After Euro final the France midfilder Dimitri Payet was engaged in a Foul controversy. In final Cristiano Ronaldo was left the field in tears due to tackle by Dimitri Payet. For that reason Ronaldo’s mother blamed Dimitri Payet for such nefarious incident.

Ronaldo’s mother was expressed her anger through Twitter. Ronaldo’s mother was told in twitter that “I don’t want to see him like this. The game is about to kick the ball, not the opposition”.

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 Dalores  also told that  she was still optimistic about the team’s victory. In his words,

“Although My son is not playing in the field, but I have  faith in this team. I believe they will be able to bring the cup”. Daloresera’s hopes turn to real when captain Ronaldo kisses the trophy.