Romantic Honeymoon Destinations In India


For the newly married couple we have 5 best honeymoon destinations to visit in India. From the beach-haven Goa to the nowy valleys of Kashmir, this list of places to visit in India on your honeymoon has everything that will help you make memories that you’ll cherish forever.

Goa needs no introduction. A very popular honeymoon destination in India for couples, Goa has everything for you to make sure the honeymoon period never does end. Balmy shores, glorious Portuguese architecture, fiery glasses of feni, eclectic nightlife and some delectable spice-laden vindaloo. A coastal retreat with a shimmering sun in the backdrop, Goa has more than enough to make someone fall in love over and over again and make sure the wedding fever doesn’t fade away.

Romantic Things To Do:
• Soak in the splendid views of the sunset from Fort Chapora with your beloved
• Grab some beers, walk hand-in-hand on the white sand and laze around in a shack
• Dance the night away in LPK (Love Passion Karma), Mambo’s or Tito’s,  some of the finest clubs in Goa
• Spend some time relaxing and massaging away the weariness of the wedding festivities.

Kerala (Munnar):
Mountains and lakes, coffee plantations and houseboats, spa and spice – Kerala has it all. Walk together by the lush green tea plantations, soak in the salubrious air or just sit at the porch in one of its cottages. Kerala’s charm will keep you coming back for more and more because you can never get enough of the backwaters and the verdant delights of Kerala.

Romantic Things To Do:
• Indulge in a luxurious spa session.
• Take a houseboat ride if you are staying in Allepey or Kumarakom. Don’t forget to sip on champagne as you glide past the palm-fringed backwaters
• Rent a car/bike and drive up the mountains in Wayanad
• Enjoy the sun setting along the horizon while sitting on the pier beside Chinese catamarans.

Kashmir (Gulmarg):
With vistas that can give Switzerland a run of its money, Kashmir is the perfect place for honeymooners. The pristine white snow and complementary cold weather will have you two cozy-ing up in front of a fire (or heater) in no time while enjoying the panoramic views outside your window. Take time to experience the local flavour and cuisine, explore the snow-clad mountains, the lines of wild flowers and the spectacular Dal Lake with your beloved and understand why Kashmir’s beauty is second to none.

Romantic Things To Do:
• Take the Gondola ride together. Seeing Gulmarg from 14,000 feet is a surreal experience.
• Walk up to the Strawberry valley in Gulmarg and sample the freshest strawberries.

Rajasthan (Udaipur):
The iconic palaces, museums and shimmering lakes make Udaipur one of the most romantic spots in India. Experience the days of the Raj with your loved one as you weave through the streets of Udaipur soaking in the colours and the variety of culture. There’s plenty to do in Udaipur or you could choose to bask in the tranquility of the boat rides on the lakes, admire its lively art scenes and old-world charm and take back a honeymoon to remember.

Romantic Things To Do:
• Choose one of the exquisite palaces as the backdrop and indulge in some post-wedding photography
• Take a sunset boat cruise along Lake Pichola and watch the road glimmer as the sun sets
• Enjoy Udaipur’s illuminated skyline from the city’s myriad rooftop restaurants

Andamans (Neil Island):
Andaman’s should feature on top of your list of honeymoon destinations because this is a beach paradise like none other. Sun-kissed beaches, a dash of history and world-class water sports make Andamans the ideal place for honeymooners. You don’t have to go to Thailand, Maldives or mauritius when you could look outside your window to catch the sparkle of the lighthouses sprinkled on neighboring isles or walk the white sands of Asia’s best beaches. Andamans offers the perfect sojourn for couples to make unlimited memories.

Romantic Things To Do:
• A candlelit dinner by the beach, under the stars. (Talk about a perfect romantic set up!)
• Andamans crystal clear waters are any diver’s dream. Go explore the rich marine life together.
• Don’t miss the spectacular sunsets, especially the one at the Sunset Point, which is situated towards the western side of the beach.