Romance at office helps to perform better


London: Is slight romance at the work place good? Well, study says so! When it comes to having an affair, it turns out friends and work colleagues are the top choices. In a new survey by YouGov, one in five Brits has had an affair, with 20 percent of males and 19 percent of females admitting to it, while 43 percent claimed to have turned down the opportunity, reported the independent.

43 percent and 38 percent respondents said that their partner in crime was a friend and work buddy. The poll of 1,660 people also showed that only half of those who had an affair went on to repeat the act, as claimed by 50 percent of the lot who admitted to the act. Meanwhile, 92 percent of the people said sex with someone younger to their partner was cheating, while 50 percent of women classed forming an emotional relationship with someone else as cheating, as opposed to only 37 percent of men.

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