Rohtak reminds Nirbhaya,India suffers from shame


Rohtak: It has been three years that India has suffered the unfortunate ‘Nirbhaya Rape Case’. The emotional wounds were never to be healed. And now three years down the line, the Nation is all set to suffer from a rejuvenated wound. A mentally-challenged woman was savagely raped and murdered in a town 80 km from Delhi.

The 28-year-old woman’s dead body was found in a tattered state at a field near the highway in Haryana’s Rohtak. Her arms were fed on by animals and her key organs were missing from the body. Tremors could be seen inside the eyes of the policemen who said, objects had been inserted into her; sticks, stones and condoms were stuffed into her private parts.

The mutilated body was found three days after the woman was reported missing by her sister. She had come from Nepal a few months ago and was being treated at a hospital.

“The police did not take my complaint seriously. They said you keep looking for her…you will find her or maybe she will return. If they had acted promptly, she would have been alive,” the woman’s sister said, adding, “We want the killers to be hanged.” As per the latest updates, seven people have been arrested by the police.

The question remains, where are we all heading to?! Is this the ultra modern sophistication that we all boast of? Or deep down, individuals in certain parts of the Country, still pay homage to their carnal instincts. The country is raising its voice on issues such as Women Empowerment and female foeticide. But it is a pity for everyone that the villages and outskirts of the well decked urban areas still suffer from the besteal instincts of pleasure.

Story: Spandan Banerjee