Rohith’s Death: It’s Not a Caste Battle, Says Smriti


New Delhi: Human Resource and Development Minister Smriti Irani is addressing a press conference on Wednesday  over the suicide of a 26-year-old researcher of the Hyderabad Central University.

As a mother and HRD minister, have conveyed my condolences to his family. August clash between Ambedkar Students Association and another student was not Dalit vs non-Dalit confrontation.

The first inquiry did not consult either party involved in August’s clash at Hyderabad University. Executive council took “lenient view” after students were found guilty of assault.

Warden of hostel who asked students to stop using hostel was from Dalit community. High Court did not accept suspended students’ appeal to access the hostel.

Executive Council members that decided punishment are nominees of previous government, not this government. There are some media debates that claim a suicide note left behind the student.

The local police gave a certified copy of the suicide note. I have it here today; this doesn’t mention any university official, national political organisation, any MP.

There have been malicious attempts to present this as caste vs caste issue. The matter is also subjudice in the High Court Suicide note does not mention any university official or national political organisation or MP