Rohingya Crisis: Indian Navy, Coastguard Seal Maritime Borders

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New Delhi: The intelligence agencies have issued warning that the Rohingiyas would try to sneak into Indian Territory using sea routes, after which the maritime boundary has been sealed by coastguards and the navy to prevent therm from entering India.

The Rohingiyas can enter from Bangladeshi waters or Andaman and Nicobar Islands from Myanmarese waters, the agencies have warned. “Maritime surveillance aircraft including Dorniers, hovercraft and patrolling ships of the border guarding forces have been activated in the entire region to prevent the influx of Rohingiyas, who are seen as a major threat to national security by the Centre,” a senior government source told.

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So far, no major activity has been noticed, but the vigil has been upgraded and the forces are on high alert. The spy agencies also fear that the Rohingiya’s fist aim would be to reach Bengal in view off the pro-Rohingiya stand taken by the state government under Mamata Banerjee. International traffickers are also getting involved in the racket and may even try to occupy uninhabited islands in Andaman and Nicobar, the security agencies fear.

The government has told the Supreme Court that Rohingya refugees pose a big security threat as many of them have links with terror organisations and Pakistan’s ISI.

Despite criticism from the opposition questioning its stand on Rohingya Muslims, the Centre has been firm that those who have illegally entered the country and pose a threat to national security will be deported. This stand was filed in the form of an affidavit yesterday in the Supreme Court, and today the BJP reiterated that in public as well. Speaking to media persons, BJP general secretary, Ram Madhav, said the decision to let Rohingyas stay in India or not is in the executive’s domain and the latter will take an appropriate decision.

“We will handle on the basis of national security and deal in appropriate manner,” he confirmed. Dismissing those challenging the secular credentials of the government in insisting on deporting Rohingya refugees, Madhav said there was nothing communal about the decision.

Commenting on the criticisms being made by the opposition, Madhav quipped, “They have been defending black money and dynasty in this country. It is the character of some leaders in the opposition in this country”.

Currently 40,000 Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar have taken refuge in India after facing persecution back home. The Indian government has told the Supreme Court they will have to go back, due to links with terror outfits like Islamic State.