Rogue storms in flat at Park Street, hits lady with hammer


Kolkata: At around 2.30 pm in the afternoon on Tuesday, a rogue tried to storm in a flat at Park Street in Kolkata. According to locals, the rogue stormed into a flat in Neelam Apartment which is located at 63, Park Street. The rogue named, Imtiaz is said to have hit a lady with a hammer as she opened the door on hearing the calling bell. However, as she shouted and the neighbours came out of the flat and created a buzz. Imtiaz, failing in his motto fled from the area. It is reported that he lift man of the apartment has been attacked with a knife by Imtiaz as he tried to catch him at the time of escaping.

A complaint had been lodged in the Park  Street police station and in due course Imtiaz has been detained by the police. The officers have launched an investigation on his motto of attack and is trying to find out whether he is associated with any organisation.