Road Transport and Safety bill, Cashless treatment for road accident victims: Modi


New Delhi: Addressing nation through his Maan Ki Baat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday raised concerns over the increase in the number of road accidents saying that the government is undertaking the all the road safety measures.

Modi said, “Considering various aspects of road safety, we will soon bring a Road Transport and Safety Bill. Another important initiative of government is cashless treatment policy for victims of road accident.”

He said that the government will soon bring a Road Transport and Safety bill. He added that the government will also initiate a cashless treatment policy fror the victims of the road accidents.”

He also urged the common people to raise awareness regarding road safety among the children. According to Modi, “I am Shocked to know statistics about road accidents. Every minute one accident takes place and every 4 minute one person dies in road accidents. Apart from the government, it is also responsibility of family, parents to raise awareness among children about road safety.”