Road Safety Week Observance Began In Paschim Midnapore


Paschim Midnapore: Road Safety Week observance began with a bike rally from Paschim Midnapore’s collector more on Monday. The programme will continue for next seven days. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee already taken Safe Drive Save Life project to reduce the accidents in West bengal.

The programme has been planned by the Midnapore RTO from 23rd July to 30th July. The bike rally was flagged off by Distric Magistarte(DM) P Mohon Gandhi. Many more officials were also present in the programme. State Transport department stated that accident rate across the districts has reduced already.

জেলায় জেলায় পথ নিরাপত্তার সচেতন বার্তা প্রচার

On the sidelines of the programme, DM gave clear indication that district administration will take more strong steps in coming days to curb the accidents in district. Hand bills on driving rules were given to the all bikers and car drivers. Authorities also alerted the drivers against driving without helmets. During this program, all drivers will be closely monitored.

Another rally to create awareness on the importance of wearing helmet by Bankura state transport department. They started public awareness campaign with students against road safety drive. On Monday, hundred of students took part in the campaign with placards and posters. Transport and Police officials also took part in the rally.

According to transport officials, students are the participated in the rally and it is good for the society. In this way, next generation will also be safe and secure. A student named Somalisha Kar said that “feels very good to be the part of this programme. If we all took the steps to promote the awareness on Save drive safe life only then the healthy and wealthy society will develop.