Road Mishap Kills 1 In Malda


Englishbazaar: A youth died on Thursday as a result of a road mishap in Malda.

The incident took place at Mathurapur in Malda on Wednesday late night. As per sources, Radheshyam was returning from his sister’s home to his own in Manikchowk. His brother-in law Sanjay Mandal and a friend Pandab Mandal were with him. The motor cycle on which all three of them were returning, could not take the weight and lost control and hit a house which was located in the road itself.

The three injured were admitted to the Manikchowk Gramin Hospital and later on they were referred and transferred to the Malda Medical College and Hospital under critical conditions. Within few hours of their admission, Radheshyam Mandal expired.


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