Road Mishap killed 5 in Miami


Tallahasse: Five people have been killed in a crash after a pick-up truck drove the wrong way along Interstate 95, near Miami, Florida. Police said it hit several vehicles and then smashed into a Chevrolet saloon, killing four adults inside.

The woman driving the pick-up was also killed. Two people were taken to hospital. Trooper Joe Sanchez, from the Florida Highway Patrol, said: “It side-swiped a vehicle and then hit another one head-on.

“The impact was so severe that five people lost their lives in this accident.” He added that “It was a really bad accident, you can’t survive that impact.
“When you have both vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed and they collide head on, you can’t expect people to survive.”

I-95 was closed northbound as officers investigated the crash. The names of the victims have not been released.

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