Road Accident Kills School Student


English Bazaar: Road accident at Malda’s Habibpur’s Bamangola Stateway kills one school student named Subhomoy Saha(15) on Friday. He is a class 10 student of Aiho high school.

According to police, Subhomoy Saha’s parents Nobo Saha and Seema Saha is local Panchayat’s Trinamool member. On Friday around 10 am Sobhomoy was returning home from tuition. At that time a Malda bound Lorry banged him while he was trying to cross the road. He died on the spot. The furious mob took custody of dead body and caused road blockade demanding control of vehicle speed. After two hours of road blockade, Habibpur police came to rescue. The situation was under control. Police retrieved the dead body and sent it to Malda Medical College for Forensic Test.