RKM Set Up ‘Swachh Belur Math’ Project, 201 Toilets By SBI Foundation


Howrah: Rajnish Kumar, Chairman of SBI inaugurated ‘Swachh Belur Math’ project on Friday. Swami Suvirananda, General Secretary of Ramakrishna Math & Mission was present at the function.

Under the Swachh Bharat Mission, SBI Foundation supported Ramkrishna Mission to construct 201 toilets at Belur Math that will serve 13 lakh visitors each year.

The three-storey toilet block was opened for the use of thousands of visitors and devotees coming to Belur Math. Built at a cost of Rs. 2.08 crore, the project is financed to a large extent by SBI Foundation under its CSR initiative.

The new toilet block has a very elegant look and is spacious enough to allow nearly 200 people avail themselves of its services at a time. Provision is made for physically-challenged people and also for baby care. On the top floor, a few living rooms are also constructed for the caretakers.

Well-equipped with necessary amenities, the new toilet block is expected to fulfill the needs of the public for a long time to come.

Partha Pratim Sengupta, CGM of Kolkata Circle, Shri Mahendra Kumar Rekhi, MD of SBI Foundation and other monks of the Ramakrishna Order and functionaries of the Bank were present at the inauguration event.

Swami Vivekananda used to clean the toilets along with his brother monks. Swamiji was very particular about clean toilets and drinking water.

On special occasions, the footfall of visitors at Belur Math is over lakhs. But, despite such huge gatherings, the visitors do not throw plastic cups. Soiled papers are on the road because of vigil by the monks and volunteers. Cleanliness is the biggest USP of the Ramakrishna Mission and Math centres. Thousands of foreigners visit Belur Math every year and are attracted by the serene environment.