Rittika to romance Dev as Juliet

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Kolkata: The ‘Borbad’ girl gets ready to romance superstar Dev. Yes! You got it right. We are talking about Rittika Sen, the new darling of Tolly town. The girl, who once played the heroine’s sister in ‘Challenge 2’, will be seen romancing with Dev.  She pinched herself to root her in present moment.

After her very first break, Rittika bagged the lead role in Aparna Sen’s Arshinagar. She was offered the role which she couldn’t deny. However, it is the bonding she shares with her director that she values the most. “Rina ma’am treats me like her daughter. She is so calm and composed. She’s the best director one could ask for.”  ‘Arshinagar’ is an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet produced by Shree Venkatesh Films which stars Dev in Lead.

The Young actress said, “Julie is an innocent girl with a strong personality. She had a negligible upbringing, so she has little knowledge about the big bad world.” When asked what she liked most, the innocent faced girl stated “what I like about the film is how love has been portrayed in it.’