Rishi Kapoor Explains His Tweet Again


Mumbai: With an extreme outspokenness and carefree indifference of mediation Twits, actor Rishi Kapoor’s tweets are oxygen to his fans. But now he spent a lot of his time online explain what he meant in his 140 character notes.

The 63 year old actor has now shielding himself against charges of having been anti-Islamic and also anti Prime Minister Modi in respective separate tweets.

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“Call a spade a spade. My democratic rights allow me to say what I feel,” the Rafu Chakkar actor said on his Tweeter. “Absolutely.By not doing so,Islam is being maligned.Islam does not advocate violence.All Islamic countries must act,” he also added on another Tweeter.

Every so often, Mr Kapoor finds himself having to explain a joke he made to those who didn’t find it funny. Some months ago, he briefly quit Twitter saying he was tired of being trolled. Within half a day, he was back.