Rishi Kapoor Booked For Illegal Tree Cutting


Mumbai: The Khar police recently registered FIR against actor Rishi Kapoor for trimming a tree more than what was permitted and chopping off its branches, based on a Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) complaint.

The Zonal DCP confirmed that the actor was first handed an NC and was warned to respond to the NC, failing that they would have to register an FIR against him.

The police have also registered an FIR against the contractor, appointed by Rishi Kapoor, under Section 8, read with Section 21, of the Maharashtra Protection and Prevention of Tree Act.

Indian Express spoke got in touch with Rishi Kapoor’s manager who told, “There is nothing, these stories are baseless. We have all the permissions, but yes we trimmed a tree a little too much, but we were unaware. It is the contractor’s mistake. We are taking care of the legalities, it is not a serious crime.”

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A group of activists stated that this is not the first case where a tree was almost cut when only trimming of the tree was allowed, however the group has blamed BMC for negligence in such cases.

The actor had a bungalow in Pali Hill, a posh locale in Bandra, Mumbai. The bungalow was recently demolished to make way for a building in which the family lives now.

The tree in question stands in a corner of Kapoor’s property. Kapoor stays in Bandra presently with his family. His actor son Ranbir Kapoor moved out of the house some time ago and now lives in a separate house.