Rift between Roopa and Rahul out in the open


Kolkata: BJP State President Rahul Sinha on Friday lashed out at actress turned politician Roopa Ganguly for reaching out on her own to the storm (Komen) hit victims of Habra. Reacting on the issue, Roopa said that Rahul Sinha is targetting Roopa without any reason. She said that she had already spoken to some of the top leaders of the BJP in the Centre and has also asked to take note of the situation. Roopa said in her close sources that she has also expressed her irritation towards Rahul Sinha and have even expressed her desire to step down from the party if she is not given the liberty to work freely.

Earlier, Rahul Sinha had claimed that Roopa has gone to Habra on her own without the 'party flag'. In fact the State BJP wing was even unaware of such a move by Ganguly.

BJP leader Roopa Ganguly on Thursday went to the Habra to give away relief materials to all those who have been hit by the storm and incessant rainfall that has been prevailing in West Bengal since the last two days. At Habra, Roopa claimed that she was blocked by a certain section of people who did not make way for the actress turned politician to distribute relief aids. Claiming the incident to be unjust, Roopa said that she had visited the affected areas of Habra only on humanitarian grounds. She even said in the media not to attach any political colour to humanity.